Fine Free Tairāwhiti


Gisborne District Council abolished fines for the late return of library materials in 2022.

Library fines had undermined one of the core principles of public libraries - the provision of free and universal access to information.

Without fines does that mean no-one will return their books?

 NO.  Evidence indicates people are more likely to return books once fines are removed.

 Will there still be an incentive for people to return borrowed items?

YES. There are still measures in place to encourage the return of borrowed items

Did overdue fines impact some sectors of the community more than others?

YES.  Fines are punitive, affecting mostly those who cannot afford to pay and preventing their use of libraries. For those living in rural locations in addition to the rising cost of fuel physically visiting the library to return items is more challenging.

I know I had some overdue fines on my membership record card - will I still have to pay those?


I haven't been to the library for ages, do I still have an account?

Check with a librarian, you may need to refresh your membership. It is free to join.

Naumai Haere mai

Librarians are looking forward to seeing old and new members back in the library.


If you have any further questions regarding joining the library or Fine Free Tairāwhiti please Contact Us